Make a file link clickable in a visualisation


I would like to add a link to a local HTML file in a table visualisation. I don´t want to use http. After clicking the link the local HTML file should open in a new browser tab.

The content of the field is: file:///home/...../Documents/..../...../index.html

In the index pattern the field is defined as type string and format Url and type Link

In the table visualisation the (file) link is embbeded like this:
<a href="" target="_blank">file:///home/...../Documents/..../...../index.html</a>

Is there a way to prevent that Kibana is putting href=" in front?
Or is there an other better way to solve this?

Thx for your help

Our URL field formatter does not appear to support local URIs like this. I would suggest opening an enhancement request issue in the Kibana Github repo.

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