Linux Fundamentals course - Networking part is locked

Hello Training-Team,

I just completed your Linux Fundamentals course and I have some problems accessing the challenge 6 – Networking. I couldn’t find the necessary flag to unlock this section. Not in the Linux I Fundamentals Lab Guide nor anywhere else.

Besides that, the content of the Linux Fundamentals table of content doesn’t really fit the Challenge Gates.


The lab guide provides 4 unlock flags/passwords but the challenges consist of 5 topics, each of which requires a flag/password.

Please help clarifiy this missmatch. Thank you!

How is this related to Elasticsearch or the Elastic stack? What course are you talking about?

Not specifically related to the Elastic stack, but I was told by the Education Operations Team ( to post my problem here in this forum because they lack the technical knowledge and visibility into the content. I'm talking about the " Linux Fundamentals" course available under available in the Standard Training Subscription. If I used the wrong (sub)forum, I apologize and please move the topic if possible.


The unlock flag for 0.6 Networking should be "enoch". Without the quotes. Let us know if you need anything else!

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Works like a charm, thank you.

Are there any accompanying lessons or slides to the network part? Or is this outdated?

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