Linux install of Filebeat under different directory

Hi all,

In the past I've followed the Filebeat installation instructions for RPM installation on Linux verbatim without issue.

But now we have a machine that lacks space under /etc, so we want to install it under /opt instead.

We tried to do that but the system cannot find the path to Filebeat.

Is there a config file we should look at or do we need to manually set the path? If so, how do we do it?

Is your partition where the /etc is mounted full?

Filebeat does not need much space under /etc, normally it is under 10 MB, the /etc/filebeat just keeps the configuration files.

The binary are all installed under /usr/share/filebeat.

But if you want to install on /opt you will need to install it using the tar.gz file and create/edit the service file to point to the correct binary path.

We do not have a /usr/share/filebeat directory, which makes me think we did something wrong with the installation.

We will try the method you suggest, using the tar.gz file.


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