List all Kibana embedded Iframe URLs

I have saved a few graphs in Kibana, is there anyway that I can query ES or Kibana to return all the embedded Iframe URLs without the need of clicking the 'Share' button for each and every visualise objects?


Nothing supported by Kibana currently, you will have to re-create the URL.

http://localhost:9200/.kibana/dashboard/_search will give you your dashboards. You'll need the _id field.

The url will look something like http://localhost:5601/app/kibana#/dashboard/${id}?embed=true where ${id} is replaced with the dashboard id. The same applies to visualizations.

Thanks for the response. I manage to get that far. I'm using angular-elasticsearch to do this.{
        index: '.kibana',
        type: 'visualization',
        size: 20,
        body: {
            "_source": {
                "includes": [ "title"]

and then I get the _id from the results. This works great but only for short URLs.

What I really want is to get the long (or full) URL of a particular visualise objects (or all of them) and alternate the source filter. I realised the embedded Iframe URL is coming from the current visualise object that I'm editing and so far I don't know how to query or do anything with Kibana or ES to get this URL for example, this URL:

http://localhost:5601/app/kibana#/visualize/edit/b420e650-0fe2-11e7-b62a-e38f99f54903?_g=()&_a=(filters:!() ...etc

Any pointer how I can even reconstruct the full URL from a visualise object _id?


There's no public API for it unfortunately, the source is if that helps. The query params are a rison encoding of Kibana's global state and individual app state. Some of it's reconstructed from the saved vsualization, but not all.

There is an open issue for documenting it here but it looks like it has stalled.

Thank you. I will settle for what I have right now then.

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