Listing all backup in ES and ultimately restoring from snapshot

How to list all backup names in ES ? I am new to this and couldn't find a command after googling and all.

ALERT(little long) : I am an Intern in a company and this guy who setup all ES stuff left, and now it's my work to restore from snapshots which might be there in ES. Currently from Sense interface for ES I see only indices of the months which I need to restore but can't imagine how whole things is related. He also gave link to KOPF where there were many repositories of data I was just playing and restored one snapshot, but dont't know where it got restored and what exactly happened, I thought there would be feature like Sense in KOPF from where we can query like _snapshot/_all to see snapshots as I renamed it to some other but there isn't any(as per my guess). So, that's the story can some point me in right direction ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

My first hit on google when I searched for "Snapshots list elasticsearch" was:

yeah we can list snapshots but how to list all backup ?

A backup = A snapshot.

What do you mean?

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