Listing snapshots, stored on S3, with wildcard expression takes excessively long

I'm currently trying to verify that there has been a snapshot created in the past 36 hours, although it seems to take excessively long to get a response, even when the wild-card expression should only match on two snapshot names at most.

For example, the following request in my case would only return two possible snapshots at most (e.g.: 2016.11.05-01.10.50 and 2016.11.05-14.30.25):

GET /_snapshot/production_es_snapshots/2016.11.05*?pretty=true

This takes approximately 2+ minutes to get a response, even if i'm only getting two matching snapshots. I understand there will be some delay considering it's via S3 although I'd like to understand why it takes this long? Does ES compile a list of all previously snapshotted indices and then, run the search on that? At this point, I'm searching against 2 years of daily snapshots which would be equal to roughly 1200 (2 snapshots per day), but even searching through this would be very fast and take seconds at most.

I'd appreciate any clarification I can get.


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