Little confuse about decay function source code

hi guys, I recently read some source code about the decay function.
there is some code doc, I can't figure out why it should be.

the code line is:

// as java.lang.Math#abs(long) is a forbidden API, have to use this comparison instead

why this doc said, the Math.abs is a forbidden API? As far as I know, this API is ok for calling.

anyone who can give me a hit above is generous.

thanks a lot.

It's easy to assume that Math.abs only returns non-negative results, but
Math.abs(Integer.MIN_VALUE) is Integer.MIN_VALUE which is negative. This has caused bugs in the past so it's best to avoid it.

thanks for your reply, had a try about Math.abs(Integer.MIN_VALUE) after your hit.
this feature I didn't know before.

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