Load external configuration files with autodiscover

I'm going to monitor Docker Swarm containers using Metricbeat, which is itself a Swarm service. I've heard that I should use autodiscover instead of using modules directly.

Say I want to monitor services running uWSGI and PHP-FPM. Is it required to copy all contents of modules.d/uwsgi.yml and modules.d/php_fpm.yml in metricbeat.yml like below?

    - type: docker
        - condition:
              docker.container.image: my_python_app
            # Paste contents of uwsgi.yml here
        - condition:
              docker.container.image: my_php_app
            # Paste contents of php_fpm.yml here

But this seems to end in a large metricbeat.yml file. Is there a way to use separate config files with autodiscover, like when we used modules directly?

Currently you need all the configs in this file. One solution to solve this is using hint based autodiscovery: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/metricbeat/current/configuration-autodiscover-hints.html But to be honest I haven't tried of this works on Docker Swarm.

To use this solution, I need to config my Metricbeat by labeling Docker containers, right?

The idea itself is not bad and can be interpreted as annotating containers for metering.

Thanks again.


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