Loadbalancing config in Kibana

Hi All,

Filebeat output has an ability to be configured with load balancing config as follows:


  hosts: ["hostA:5044","hostB:5044","hostC:5044"]
  loadbalance: true

Do we have a similar set up for Kibana where Kibana connects to the available Elasticsearch?

Kibana output is as follows:

   - http://hostA:9200
   - http://hostB:9200
   - http://hostC:9200

Please guide

It doesn't load balance, no, it's used for fail over in case one of the nodes cannot be contacted.

Thanks @warkolm

Sorry I meant failover.

In my case Kibana does not fail over to a healthy node and I am not able to login to Kibana if a node goes down.

Is there a special tag which needs to be defined to enable failover?

Can you make a new topic for that, include things like your full configs and the Elasticsearch and Kibana logs. It makes it easier to help :slight_smile:

thanks @warkolm

Created KIbana failover to a healthy ES node

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