Loading csv file data in Elasticsearch with explicite double quote in the beginning and inside of some fields

I'm new to Elastic search
I have to load a csv file into Elasticsearch - csv processor looks fine for the initial purpose
Some of the fields have the following non-regular structure:

  1. Explicit Double quotes in the beginning of the field- because several values comma separated inside the field like this:
  2. Explicite double quotes in the middle of the field like that:
    5/16" Ring Terminal, 3 ft. 8 GA Black Ground Cable, 6 ft. Split Loom Tubing, Depth: 6.5" (165mm) (top) 11.2" (285mm), .....
    I tried to handle these cases but did not found any good solution to load all the data into the related index.
    How workaround these special cases with double quote in the beginning and in the middle of the initial CSV file ?
    Any ideas ?
    Best regards,

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