Loading pySpark DataFrame into Elasticsearch - keep getting illegal argument error

I am trying to send data stored in pySpark Dataframe directly into Elasticsearch. I found some code snippets online on how to do this and basically it looks like this:

# df - DataFrame
df.write.format("org.elasticsearch.spark.sql") \
   .option("es.nodes", "ip_address") \
   .option("es.resources", "test")

but whatever I type in option results in IllegalArgumentException. I am running scala 2.11.0, spark 2.3.4 on Google Cloud. My elasticsearch machine is on a separate machine ver. 7.4.1
I download jar elasticsearch-spark-20_2.11-7.4.1.jar and placed it in spark jars directory (it previously worked that way with mongo and google cloud storage).
How to properly send pyspark DataFrame into Elasticsearch?

This looks correct, could you share the IllegalArgumentException that you're getting here?

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