Local generation of html doc for pluggin?

(Eric Deveaud) #1

is there a way to generate the html doc for an under development pluggin ?
I would like to check it before pushing it to git



(Tal Levy) #2

As an example, I will show you how to go about doing so with an existing plugin (logstash-input-jdbc)

  • make sure you have Logstash cloned locally.
git clone git@github.com:elastic/logstash.git
cd logstash
rake bootstrap
  • you will want to install your developmental plugin into this Logstash
# add this line to your Gemfile in the Logstash repo
gem "logstash-input-jdbc", :path => "/your/local/logstash-input-jdbc"
  • now, install the added plugin gem
# from logstash repo directory
rake vendor:gems
  • now that we have our desired plugin installed, we can use docgen to generate our asciidoc
# from logstash repo directory
bin/logstash docgen ./vendor/bundle/jruby/1.9/gems/logstash-input-jdbc-1.0.0/lib/logstash/inputs/jdbc.rb > jdbc.asciidoc

this will output your documentation into a file called jdbc.asciidoc and you can view this using your favorite asciidoc previewer.

Let me know how that worked out for you!

(Eric Deveaud) #3


it worked smoothly.

with this minimal step.

build logstash from git clone and then

bin/logstash docgen /path/to/local/file/to/document/file.rb > doc.asciidoc

I just skipped the rake vendor:gems step.

(Tal Levy) #4

ah, well I suppose that path can be arbitrary in that way.

there is also a -o flag for docgen to specify an output directory instead of outputing to standard out.

glad to see it worked out for you!

(system) #5