Lock visualizations in dashbaord

(Ofer Kesten) #1


I experience an issue with my visualizations in a dashboard, they keep moving around whenever i open my dashboard.
The order i set them when i save the dashboard is not the order i find them when i open it again, or even after a search query that i execute, the visualizations switch their place randomly, causing the dashboard to look messy.
Is there a setting to lock them down so that they wont move ?


(Tyler Smalley) #2

Unfortunately, the visualization order on he dashboard is fully persisted. There is currently a ticket open to add this functionality: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/6138

(Ofer Kesten) #3

Thanks Tyler,

I'll follow up on this ticket, as it is annoying to find my dashboard messed up every time :smiley:

(system) #4