Locked myself out of my superuser role by accident, how do I get access back?

Being the idiot I am, I had a use case where I needed to make two accounts for myself, one with admin access and one with regular access.

Instead of making the new admin account BEFORE I demoted my current account to the regular level, I demoted my account (changed my role from superuser to another, less privileged role) first.

This obviously caused me to lose access to the User controls as I was no longer an admin.

How can I get access back?

Does Setting passwords for native and built-in users | Elasticsearch Guide [8.2] | Elastic help?

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I'll give it a try, although I should mention I'm on ELK 7.5 (since I'm using an old plugin that relies on that).

Actually I just realized that doesn't help with my issue because the issue is not logging in to Kibana, but that my user doesn't have enough permissions in it's role.

I need to be able to attach the superuser role to my user again.

You can create a superuser in the file realm and then use this user to grant more privileges to your other user. Follow this documentation to configure a file realm user. Depending on your existing configuration, you may need restart the Elasticsearch node.

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Worked perfectly, thank you!

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