Log ELSER inference time

When using ELSER, you can find the "Avg. inference time" under Kibana > Analytics > Machine Learning > Model Management > Trained Models.

I cannot find any logs related to inference time when searching in Analytics > Discover.

Are the raw inference timing logs available, or is there somewhere I can configure this?

To view data under discover in kibana you need to have a data view created for the index that contains that data - which is not built by default for model metadata.

You can search through the metadata with the API using the dev tool (or your preferred language) with these commands: Get trained models statistics API | Elasticsearch Guide [8.10] | Elastic

You can get the ELSER model stats with this command:

GET _ml/trained_models/<model_id_or_deployment_id>/_stats

You will see the inference data (including avg time) under the node info in the response.

If you want to use discover to explore more of this data you can create a data stream or index for this and then build a data view

Hope this helps!

Thank you, iulia! I was wondering if the raw data is available, not just the rolling average?

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