Log Files are not getting generated in the defined path of logstash.yml

Hi All,

I am a beginner in ELK. Could you please advise here.

In one of the ec2 server we have installed Logstash in that we have mounted the EBS volume under /data path and we are providing this path under log.path in logstash.yml config to use the mounted volume, but the logs are not getting generated in this defined path, instead of that it is getting generated under the /usr/share/logstash/logspath even though we provided the chown and chgrp permssion of logstash for the /data path.

I have already noted that in the startup.options file it is provided that the default path as like below,
Set a home directory

If we change the above LS_HOME path to /data/logstash/logs, Could it work or i am wrong? or Please suggest any other work around to use the mounted volume path.

Log path config in logstash.yml:
logstash server log file path.
log.level: info
path.logs: /data/logstash/logs


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