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Hello, I want to display a visualization of my log stream on my Dashboard. I only have a data view/index pattern matching my Index. I'm currently using a table but I can only show up to 1000 records (and it's represented as top values of each value I'm grouping, I don't want to do that).

How can I display a log flow of my Index similar to a table looking? And I want to "transform" or digest the value, for example I have a field that is a link to a SVG Icon and I want to render that link as an Image.


Configure your table view in Discover and save the search to later add it to your dashboard. Mind that the table will always has a limit in the number of rows to display for performance reasons.

Meet string formatters :smile:

Go to your Data View and set your field as a string that is a URL that points to an image and Kibana will use that formatter in any representation of the field, including Discover.

In my example I create a new field that computes two different values based on another field and generates a url to an SVG icon:

Peek 2022-05-05 16-53

Then I can consume that field in Discover:

And finally add to a dashboard as mentioned above.

Peek 2022-05-05 16-55

Hope it helps!


Hello, string formatters was very useful, Thanks!

Talking of the table view in Discover. How should I do that? I have a saved search but I don't know how to import, besides there's like 3 "Tables" to choose (Lens, TSVB and Aggregation based).



  • Save your search in discover with your desired tabular settings
  • In dashboard, as I showed in my last recording: click in Add from library
  • Select sour search saved object (you may want to filter by type)

Cool, thanks. All good now! :grinning:

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