Log rotation - help

Hi Guys,

I need urgent help, I am using elastic on cloud ( not locally hosted ), I just want to know how I can enable log rotation or configure it, can someone please help me on this , as most of the documentation for log rotation is based on if something which is been locally hosted. Appreciate your help in advance.



You can-t. As you are using a managed service you have no direct acces to the shell or logs. Instead the logs are made available through the management console.

Hi Christian,

Thanks for you help and feedback always help me, just another question to ask, we are using Fluentbit in our environment , which is an open source log forwarder , we use it as pods in kurbunetes, any possbility or idea if we can use it as for log rotation as it handles the log forwarding.



Which logs are you talking about?

The logs which the k8s pods generate and are forwarded to Kibana..through Fluentbit

That seems to be a FluentD question then and this is probably not the correct forum for that. If you switched to Filebeat you would probably be able to get better support from this forum as it is an Elastic product that does the same job.

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