Log tracing with ELK

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Hi all.
Is there any guidelines how to implement log tracing using elk stack?
I have a bunch of microservices which produce logs to elk. Let's suppose I have a request passing through a number of microservices and some unique request identifier which is inserted into each log entry. I want to group log entries by the request identifier and count the difference between first log entry (request start time) and last one (request end time), and aggregate those information to count some percentiles.
Any thoughts how to implement that?

(Mohan S) #2

For log tracing use zipkin.io we can send the log events from log file to
ES using LogStash.

Also you can look following extended implementations all are inspired from
google dapper

  1. https://uber.github.io/jaeger/

  2. https://github.com/zalando/tracer

  3. https://github.com/Nike-Inc/wingtips

(Dmitriy) #3

Introducing zipkin will bring more complexity and my thought was to use what I already have.
Analyzing logs in elk seems like justified solution to solve my problem.

(Mohan S) #4

Wrongly understand your question.

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