Using EKL for performance tests's analysis

Hi Guys,

I'm new in ELK, and interesting in getting some advices regaridng my specific needs
My main goal is to use ELK for performance testing analysis and monitoring like:

  1. Monitoring remote server's CPUs, MEM, JAVA HEAP, IO etc.
  2. Also I'd like to use ELK to analyze my JAVA application's logs to find the latency of each HTTP request over time (by feeding ELK with this logs), and be able to present this trend over time in some charts/graphs ...

There are lots of tools and features in ELK, so I'll apprciate if someone who has an experience can help in focusing on the relevant parts I should learn.

Much appreciated,

For monitoring a remote server's CPU/MEM/etc, I would recommend that you check into Metricbeat, which can send these data points to an Elasticsearch server.

For #2 above, to analyze your java logs, I would recommend that you check out either Filebeat or Logstash, if you use filebeat you can ship the log to Elasticsearch and use the Ingest Node functionality to extract pieces out of the log into different fields. If you go with Logstash, you can configure the grok filter to extract the pieces before sending them to Elasticsearch.

Hopefully this helps you figure out what to focus on!

For sure this is a good start
Many thanks for your fast response on this :grinning:

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