ELK for Application heartbeat monitoring?

Hallo Everybody

I have tested ELK for Log File Analysis which is working good. Now i want to use it for application heartbeat monitoring. Here is my scenario.

I have 20 different Web applications which are mostly running in IIS. I want to use ELK to ping the websites or specific web pages periodically to check either it return a good HTTP Status? Is it possible with ELK or X-Pack Monitoring?

If ELK is not suitable for that, which other tool is better to use for this purpose? i have google and found few of them but they are SaaS (Cloud Services). I am interested in something which i can host in my test Environment.

So any idea??

Thanks in Advance

You could try the new Heartbeat Beat, which is expressly for that purpose.

Thats great. thanks a lot. i ll give it a try.

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