Using packetbeat and metricbeats for real time monitoring

Whether packetbeat and metricbeats can be used for the ELK based Real time monitoring solution where the SLAs are defined?
This is in context to replace Sensu/Uchiwa/Grafana etc with ELK for System/infra/network and end-point monitoring.
And to use only Kibana for log anaytics and metrics related dashboards.

Can you a bit more specific on what your requirements are? If you want to do endpoint monitoring with SLA you probably also want to add heartbeat to your equation:

Thanks. Whether ELK Stack alone can be used for both Log analysis and as time-series database(elasticsearch) for real time monitoring, as a single point of solution.

The simple answer is yes. There are quite a lot of people that use elasticsearch with filebeat and metricbeat which is kind of indirectly what you are asking.

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