Using packetbeat and metricbeats for real time monitoring

(MJay) #1

Whether packetbeat and metricbeats can be used for the ELK based Real time monitoring solution where the SLAs are defined?
This is in context to replace Sensu/Uchiwa/Grafana etc with ELK for System/infra/network and end-point monitoring.
And to use only Kibana for log anaytics and metrics related dashboards.

(ruflin) #2

Can you a bit more specific on what your requirements are? If you want to do endpoint monitoring with SLA you probably also want to add heartbeat to your equation:

(MJay) #3

Thanks. Whether ELK Stack alone can be used for both Log analysis and as time-series database(elasticsearch) for real time monitoring, as a single point of solution.

(ruflin) #4

The simple answer is yes. There are quite a lot of people that use elasticsearch with filebeat and metricbeat which is kind of indirectly what you are asking.

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