How to monitor whether ELK stack along with filebeat is down?

We have no idea that Some one restarted tomcat server where filebeat is running. Filebeat dead since then.
So almost 10 days later we observed that filebat on that server not pushing logs, as a result we lost so much data(logs).

Sometimes Elasticsearch ran into issues, went down. We won't get alerts until some one say that kibana is not showing anything.

So, can someone please help me that

  1. How can i monitor ELK stack along with beats.(My company won't give budget for x-pack :cry: ).
  2. We need alerts, when any of the above services went down. So it can capable to send email?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Monitoring is available for free in xpack basic.
    Just download 6.3.1 and you're all set.
  2. You can run a cronjob which calls elasticsearch every x seconds and send an e-mail in case something is wrong.
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Thank you for your info.

Although we are running ELK 6.2.4 along with Kafka and zookeeper.
Is there any specific configuration or settings needed to use x-pack basic here for kafka and zookeeper?

You can ask for a basic license if you wish.
Note that monitoring applies to elastic components, not 3rd party components.

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Fine, thank you.
Let me try basic license.

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