Logarithmic date histogram


I've been working with the date histogram visualization, I want to display only the days that have a value of 1 or higher because that will allow me to use the logarithmic I believe.

I worked out this query in the Dev Tools tab:
"size": 0,
"aggregations" : {
"dates" : {
"date_histogram" : {
"field" : "Message_CreationTime",
"interval": "day",
"min_doc_count": 1
It returns exactly what I want however when I go into the visualization I still get the days that have a document count of less than 1.
I hope somebody could point out some mistake I made.
I'm using the 5.4 version of the Elastic Stack.

Some extra information: I'm working with the BarChart and have 2 days in a span of a month without values. I'd also like to split the bar if that is possible to achieve with the logarithmic y-axis.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately it seems there's a bug at the moment. You can follow this issue for updates: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/11723

Thanks for the info Lukas. I will use a different visualization then.

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