Logical to physical mapping

I am currently looking to find any documents or diagrams that depict logical to physical devices or VMs for a project I am working on. I am working on the premise of a three node cluster to start for Elasticsearch and a two node cluster for Kibana and another two node cluster for Logstash. Trying to determine what types of nodes should be placed on the the physical clusters. i.e. all three will be masters, ingest, and control. However, what is the typical way to handle data store. Have one be hot and the other two replicated data. Also, looking to see where it makes sense and where it doesn't to have load balanceers. Just really basic ideas as to where to start. Been watching a ton of the videos, but only see logical architectures and nothing that shows what each server of the cluster should contain. Does anyone have such a document that they would be willing to show or share?

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