Login is currently disabled. Administrators should consult the Kibana logs for more details. - Azure template

I spun up Elastic Search in Azure using the template. By default x-pack is installed in that template. When I browse url:9200 I can see elastic search is running but when I try url:5601 kibana url it shows me that error.

As I set this up using Azure Elastic Search Template, I haven't figured out what server Elastic Search is on. I have 3 master nodes behind a ELB. All the pvt IPs listed for those master nodes are inaccessible when I try it using ssh. How do I access those machine and change elasticsearch.yml?

I am not that quite familiar with the Azure templates. But,
can you see what the Kibana config is, and if that ES host can be accessed from the Kibana machine?


I can't. I have 3 master nodes and 3 data nodes. I went to all the data nodes and disabled security (xpack.security.enabled: false) and did the same thing on the machine that has kibana. When I go to terminal do a cURL I get 401 Unauthorized Exception. Do I need to disable xpack security on master nodes too?

(Side note: I was able to ssh to the machine), now the issue I have is trying to login to kibana

I have disabled security on all the nodes (master and data) and nothing has helped. kibana log is also empty.

If you're getting a 401 unauthorized, it means security is still enabled. You need to disable on all nodes, including master nodes. Have you restarted the nodes?

I got a template from github that elastic team has published, modified and removed X-pack installation. Even when the machines were setup with 14GB, a change in elasticsearch.yml (to disable x-pack) wouldnt restart ES.

I am facing exactly the same issue.
Got the azure template for ELK stack installation, from Azure market place.
Made some changes to elasticsearch.yml and restarted the node, and it could never connect to my kibana again. I have set 'xpack.security.enabled: false', in both elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml, but no help.
Happened twice with me.
Any resolution?

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