Login problem w/ superuser on other nodes (docker)

Hi, I had a problem I was able to figure out, but I don't understanding why, yet.

All versions, ES, Kibana, Java Client, w/ latest version (8.4)

I followed the instructions here in order to run elasticsearch and kibana w/ docker-compose.

I was used to using Sniffer from previous projects (but those were bare metal installations, w/o docker or any other virtualization). So therefore I configured Sniffer as described here. In order to work properly I had to adapt the compose.yml file adding environment entry http.publish_host=es0{1,2,3} respectively. Furthermore, I had to use the ElasticsearchNodesSniffer in order to support https.

At that moment everything seems to work fine, my java service is configuring the cluster by installing component and index templates etc.

BUT - health check _cluster/health/ did not work, at least not on hosts es02 and es03, where I received log messages for the respective nodes like:
authentication of elastic was terminated by realm reserved, or system_critical_read. but, as I said, for all nodes except es01.

Then I disabled sniffing, and everything works fine.

So, my questions now are:

  • Why is the request _cluster/health/ not working on the other nodes?
  • Why is login not allowed on the other nodes?

Thanks in advance for your elaborations

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