Logs including emojis

Hello everyone! is there a way to parse this log with emojis? Could it be shown in kibana or logstash output? I do not have a clue how to parse the emojis in logstash pipeline.


Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance!

What do you want to parse it into?

Hi! I want to create index for my log and show all my log fields (created by grok patterns) in kibana and one of my fields is emoji_code, but I do not know if I can show the emoji as emoji_code value in kibana or how to do it.

Emojis are just strings encoded like this: :emoji_text:
parse it this way, but i'm not sure if kibana will show this in results. They are part of unicode standard after all, so there's a Chance.

Thank you. I will try it in Kibana (though I got the result in ruby stdout as an emoji between quotations)

If you don’t want emojis, just escape the :’s using replace. In my view emoji’s are not processed by sofware itself, it’s a matter of browser.

I'll give it a try in different browsers using your solution. Thanks!

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