Stdout parse into json

hi, my application generate logs in json format and output it to stdout. Is there a way to have it visible in kibana as a list of dictionaries?
Currently i see it as a string
"level": "info",
"message": "{"whatever": "value1", "test": {"whatever2": "value2"}}",
"hostname": "whatever1",...

and I want to see:
"message": {"whatever": "value1", "test": {"whatever2": "value2"}},
"hostname": "whatever1",...

Hey @arght, how are you ingesting your data into Elastisearch, are you using Beats or Logstash, or some other method? Generally you'll want to parse the log messages into the separate fields on ingest, so that you store the specific fields in Elasticsearch which allows you to query it appropriately.

hi @arght

You have any config file ?

hi, sorry for so late replay. W're using fluentd but i have only access to kibana as it runs on openshift

@arght I don't have enough experience with Fluentd to guide you on how to parse your logs differently, but I'd suggest investigating how to use Fluentd to parse the data from your logs into separate Elasticsearch fields.

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