Logs of an Elasticsearch


I have deployed Elasticsearch 7.10.0 in kubernetes using Operator.
I have path.logs: /usr/share/elasticsearch/logs , here I am getting only gc.log
Apart from this I am not getting any elasticsearch logs. So here my main point is where do I get application/server logs of an elasticsearch. For this do I have to add some configurations or what??
Help would really appreciated.
Thank you.

Can anyone help me on this?


Elasticsearch logs are sent to the standard output. You can use kubectl logs <pod> to get them.

We recently published a blog post to show how to collect those logs with the help of Filebeat and send them to a monitoring cluster.

Hope it helps.

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Hi @michael.morello
Does it require any licence to enable the things that you have mentioned in the blog post
beacause I have observed some xpack parameters we have to enable.

Is it possible to send Elasticsearch logs which are sent to standard output, to a file inside pod.

It will become possible to write logs files in the container after a change for https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/issues/62758 is merged and released.