Logstash 429 errors when pushing data to Elastic Search

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Filebeats -> Kafka 0.9 ->Logstash 5.0.2 -> ElasticSearch 5.2

We push more then 30k/sec events from Logstash to ES using multiple indexers consuming from Kafka. some peak numbers we see upto 70 mil per 30 mins. ES is 18 data node/2 master node cluster with 9:1 primary:replica for indices . Its all works perfect for 4 days and all of a sudden Kafka lag tops to 15 mil with no processing but ES node is all green and healthy.

Restarted one indexer and now I see 429 errors and no more processing in indexer logs. stopped file beats as lag is growing. Any inputs are appreciated.

(Thiago Souza) #2

The 429 http code is Elasticsearch telling Logstash to slowdown because it is not being able to keep up with indexing.

If it was working at 30k/s and now the indexing drops drastically and it is not recovering, you need to check Elasticsearch logs to see what's going there.

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