Logstash 7.0.0 not indexing on Elasticsearch 7.0.0

I'm running docker filebeat:7.0.0 => docker logstash:7.0.0 => docker elasticsearch 7.0.0 => docker kibana 7.0.0
I can see the logs move from filebeat to logstash, but nothing from logstash to elasticsearch, no indexes at all.

but when i setup filebeat to send straight to elasticsearch, it works and I can see it's index. Help me please?

cat logstash/logstash.conf
input {
beats {
port => 5044
output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => ["http://elasticsearch:9200"]
index => "%{[@metadata][beat]}-%{[@metadata][version]}-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
user =>
password =>

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