Logstash 8.12.2 restart many times may encounter string index out of range -1 error

Hi , last time I restart the logstash 8.12.2 many times (5 - 10 +) may encounter the plugin load errror, so I change mutate { rename => {"[host][name]" => "[host]"} } to mutate { remove_field => ["host"] } and there's no plugin laod error, but this time I restarted it again for about (5 -10 + times) it has the startup error of string index out of range -1 error ,can any body help me on this? Thanks a lot.

If you want help on this I think you need to show the full error together with some contect and ideally also your config that results in the error.

I want to know why when I upgrade it to 8.12.2 the log comes out the error "Adding pattern {“CISCO_REASON” => “Duplicate TCP SYN” | Failed to locate egress interface | Invalid transport field | No matching connection | DNS Response | DNS Query | (?:%{WORD}\s*)" I can gurantee that none of the log files contains this fk content

and each time the logstash comes out the index out of range -1 the CISCO error comes out

I need to say sorry to all of you, the root cause is that I didn't stop the logstash properly

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