Logstash cloud.id and proxies/LB

Hello, I'm trying to understand the use of cloud.id in Logstash.

Based on this typical diagram if I configure Logstash to use the cloud.id will hit the LB layer , the proxies, or ES directly?


If we're talking from ECE perspective logstash instances will hit deployment through 3 proxy

Thanks @INS , so what is more efficient for logstash?

  • use the cloud.id and go to the proxies
  • use the load balancer IP?

I think use that You can use https with proxy I’m not familiar with cloud id but pls remember that cordinator node will ensure LB between allocator so it will bring performance

Coordinator node in deployment should ensure load balancing internal

So if I have 3 proxies then round robin with logstash to this proxies should be the same as using a LB? @INS

Yes that’s the thing

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