Incorrect CloudID - Port ignored // Bug?

I have noticed the CloudID is not showing correctly (at least in the UI).

Elasticsearch Endpoint URL:
Kibana Endpoint URL:

Example CloudID:

This decodes (base64) to$c5d47b9145994b8faebf510cebe7e3dc$778494e02130436c8d517a97e191f73a which is host$elasticsearchID$kibanaID

If you use this CloudID in Beats or Logstash, it will fail because it cannot connect to (without port 9243).

I assume this is a bug?

Thanks for opening the issue!
As you noticed, we currently don't set the correct port so it defaults to 443. If you have a reverse proxy or load-balancer in front of ECE proxy layer (recommended regardless) you can redirect request to the correct port.

We are aware of this issue and the team is working on a fix that should be available shortly. The new implementation will allow you to set the external port and that value will be used in the cloud id.

(or you can use iptables on the proxy hosts to map from 443 to 9243, that's a common solution .. again: arguably preferable anyway, there's no reason to be using non-standard ports like 9243 for public access to clusters' HTTP interfaces)

That's great news.

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