Logstash cluster where one node has very high CPU usage



I have two logstash nodes in my cluster which is running the same configuration. I can see and monitor both nodes via Kibana but i'm having an issue where logstash1 is spiking in CPU usage. If i have both nodes running, logstash1 sits around 50-70% CPU usage and logstash2 sits around 1-5% usage. If i turn off logstash1, logstash2 does not increase in CPU usage and insteads sits around 1-5% usage again.

I can see that when i only have logstash2 up and running, my main pipeline is recieving around 100 e/s and when i turn on logstash1 it spikes to around 1600 e/s...

I have nginx set up to load balance a UDP stream consisting of syslog data to the two nodes.
What could be the cause of this where only logstash1 is having high CPU usage?

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