Logstash data type change in config file

Hello i am creating a config file to import the data from a csv file.
when i call the config file as it is, its working properly and data is coming in kibana.
But when i am changing the data type of a field in logstash config file its not working.
Below is the config file format:

input {

file {

    path => "C:/elk/user.csv"

    start_position => beginning

    sincedb_path => "Null"



filter {

csv {

    columns => [




            "serviceid" ,






    separator => ","        

    mutate  {convert => ["active" , "integer"]} 

    mutate {convert => ["blocked" , "integer"]} 

    mutate  {convert => ["created" , "integer"]} 



output {



    codec => rubydebug


 elasticsearch {

    action => "index"

    hosts => [""]

    index => "usertest"



Please tell me what is wrong with this.
thanks in advance

@TimV if you could help with the above error!

What does "not working" mean? What behaviour are you expecting? What behaviour are you seeing? Are there any error messages?

You need to put the work in to describe your problem as clearly and concisely as possible.


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