Logstash Embedded Elasticsearch not starting

Good Morning,

I am running a very basic config of logstash, with the embedded

I am able to launch the logstash & embedded elasticsearch successfully,
whilst using a local disk for the data directory, however when I use the
option : -Des.path.data to specify the data directory to be located on an
NFS share, elasticsearch will not start. I'm assuming this is a locking

log4j, [2014-01-08T15:13:25.560] INFO: org.elasticsearch.node: [Set]
version[0.90.3], pid[16971], build[5c38d60/2013-08-06T13:18:31Z]
log4j, [2014-01-08T15:13:25.561] INFO: org.elasticsearch.node: [Set]
initializing ...
log4j, [2014-01-08T15:13:25.561] DEBUG: org.elasticsearch.node: [Set] using
home [/srv/log/logstash], config [/srv/log/logstash/config], data
[[/srv/log/logstash/data]], logs [/srv/log/logstash/logs], work
[/srv/log/logstash/work], plugins [/srv/log/logstash/plugins]
log4j, [2014-01-08T15:13:25.567] INFO: org.elasticsearch.plugins: [Set]
loaded [], sites []
log4j, [2014-01-08T15:13:25.584] DEBUG:
org.elasticsearch.common.compress.lzf: using [UnsafeChunkDecoder] decoder

an no further progress. Is there a workaround for this problem, as I have
a requirement to use NFS for the data directory.


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