Logstash error: Java::JavaLang::NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/bind/DatatypeConverter

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone can lend a hand or give some guidance. I have recently installed Elasticsearch on Ubuntu 20.04 and have most everything up and running. I am working with SQL Server 2019 on a remote machine and can query the databases just fine using the mssql-tools, no problem.

At the present, I have been challenged with logstash connecting to SQL Server and have gone as far as setting the JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variables to no avail and have also copied the jar file sqljdbc32.jar to /usr/share/logstash/logstash-core/lib/jars. I am using Open JDK 8. Installation went fine and all other services work great, but this one continues to be problematic. The tutorial I have followed to get SQL data into Logstash is:

The configuration file for connection is very similar to the file that is illustrated in the tutorial:

See this section of the tutorial: -> Content of mssql_dataset.conf

I'm even using the Adventureworks2014 database. The only things that are different are the username, password, and IP address. As indicated before, mssql-tools can query that DB from Linux with no problem, so it's not a connectivity issue that is firewall or protocol related from an OS perspective.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks for any and all responses,


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