Logstash->ES 7.5.0 import fails because of doc_as_upsert

I try to import data from couchDb using Logstash (7.5.0) to Elasticsearch (7.5.0).
When defining a Mapping in ES, I select "dynamic" = "strict"
and in my elasticsearch output plugin I have:
document_id => "%{[@metadata][_id]}"
action => "update"
doc_as_upsert => "true".
Yet, ES complains that this is not in the Mapping and that dynamic mapping should be disabled.
It works when I select "dynamic":"false" but with this setting can I be sure that Logstash will always try to upsert data and not create multiple duplicates? As I understand, with "dynamic":"false" in the Mapping definition, the field "doc_as_upsert" is ignored when inserting into the database. Does Logstash only perform upserting then? (Merge not create a copy).

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