Logstash executable accepts filebeat data, but logstash service not working with same conf files

Hello everyone, I am running the ELK stack in openstack and am having a bit of trouble getting the daemon to work properly. For some reason, if I run the executable version using the command ./bin/logstash -f config/beat2.conf I get the correct result from my filebeat server sending over logs. However, when I run the logstash daemon using service logstash start or with systemctl, my filebeat server will give me the connection refused error. Since this is a cloud server I have check the entropy issue by install haveged on the logstash server. Im wondering if the logstash daemon is not reading my conf file correctly, however I have not found any logs that point me towards the error. Please let me know if you can help, thanks!
Edit: I also just realized that the logstash service is not actually listening on the correct port, even though the systemctl says that logstash is active.

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