Logstash filter kv fortinet not searchable into kibana

Hello all,
I have try to run stack ELK for fortinet's syslog.
It's works and on kibana I see the log, but almost all fields are not searchable and they have a :question: before the name... :thinking:
I have used on logstash kv filter and in this mode:

filter {
   kv {
       source => "message"

It's works fine because find all key and value but in kibana it is not searchable...

Sounds like you need to refresh the index pattern.

Hello @Badger, in Kibana settings, under Index management of elasticsearch I have select the index and select Refresh Index but the problem is the same...
It is necessary drop the current index? For me this solution it isn't a problem...

Hi @Badger, I have solved :tada::tada:
It is necessary refresh the index of kibana, not elasticsearch.
Thanks a lot for suggestion.

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