Logstash-Forwarder and Redis

I want to try using Redis with logstash-forwarder, but I'm confused on a point.

When forwarder tires to connect it complains about a tls handshake and fails to connect.

Can forwarder connect to redis? This post suggests that for 'forwarder' to Redis the full-on logstash is needed on the client.

As always, thanks in advance.

LSF can only talk to LS, it cannot interact with redis.
See here for the docs.

Hello Mark,
I am going through the same problem.
I have server where LS is running in shipper and Indexer mode with redis in between.
Shipper--> input= lumberjack and output =redis
Indexer--> input = redis and output = elasticsearch
LSF is running on client machines which talks to LS shipper.

I want LSF to talk with redis so that I can store some log file specific keys and then create those many indexes on the basis of keys (e.g keyName-YYYY-MM-DD)
But As you said LSF cant talk to redis then I have to bring shipper to client side.
So what is benefit of LSF?
How can I create multiple indexes in ES through one LS indexer running on server? sample configuration please?

Sunil Chaudhari

I think LSF's README file explains it's reason for being. See below for how to create different indexing depending on the message.

Hi Marko,
Thanks for quick reply.

In the given example, you are creating index on the basis of project name which you take from path.
I want to create indexes from values of 'Application' field which I set in logstash-forwarder on client.
For example:
in LSF config on CRM client 1 I say
"paths": [
"fields": {"Application":"CRM","Sub-System":"Mysystem", "type":"Error-logs "

in LSF config on sales client 2 I say
"paths": [
"fields": {"Application":"Sales","Sub-System":"Myststem", "type":"Error-logs "

all those logs will be sent to redis through shipper and indexer will pick it up from redis.
Now in LS indexer I want to create indexes on the basis of this field "Application", How Can I get this value of Application field so that I can use it in output to create indexname.


Sorry for incorrect name in salutation part.
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The answer I linked to contains the answer to your question. You can refer to you Application field in exactly the same way.

But let's not hijack the original topic with a completely different question. Please start a new topic if you have follow-up questions.

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Thank you very much Magnus.
Will use it as directed.