Logstash-forwarder + SSL + HAProxy



I am trying to setup an ELK stack but I have a question about Logstash-forwarder and SSL. My setup looks like this:

Logstash-forwarder -> HAProxy (VM) -> (2 VM's) Logstash/Redis -> (2 VM's) Logstash Indexer -> (1 physical server) ElasticSearch/Kibana

When generating the SSL cert and key pair for Logstash-forwarder what FQDN do I use since there will be two Logstash servers behind the HAProxy LB?

Thanks in advance for the help.

(Mark Walkom) #2

Depends, if you terminate SSL at HAProxy then that would be it, if not then you will need both of the LS VMs hostnames in there.

(system) #3