Logstash high CPU usage with no running config


Yesterday i installed elk on my laptop as a vm, so i have a local server to play with when i go home from work :slight_smile:

its centos 7 x64 with elk all 5.2.1 and the latest java as of yesterday.

i already have a elk setup as development at work so i just created another output filter on my work server (logstash) to push the logs to my laptop on port 9200

i get the logs but when logstash service is running the cpu hits 80 percent on average, if i stop the service the cpu falls to 20 percent.

i dont get it, the logstash on the laptop isnt supposed be doing anything :confused: any ideas ?

ps one additional question, when i disconnect my laptop (work server logstash cant reach it ) it stops writing logs to work elk too, arent outputs considered like a pool so why is a new unreachable output is effecting the old one ?

work elk: centos 7 with ELK
laptop: centos 7 with ELK

What's the config look like?
Do you have Monitoring enabled?

for the logstash on the laptop there is no config and thats what i find interesting, data pushed directly from another logstash to the Elasticsearch on the laptop vm :confused:

i dont have monitoring enabled

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