Logstash http output plugin throws "HTTP Output Failure"

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I am using Logstash Output Plugin to send data to another Logstash instance. Some events are successfully processed but for some events it is throwing the following error,

{:timestamp=>"2017-12-18T15:13:40.243000-0500", :message=>"[HTTP Output Failure] Encountered non-200 HTTP code 200", :response_code=>502, :url=>"http://xxx.xx.xxx.xx:xxx", :event=>#<LogStash::Event @cancelled=false>, :level=>:error}

I don't understand the exact reason. Can someone please help me on this?



So there is an HTTP input plugin in the receiving logstash? Do the logs there indicate why it returned a 502 status?

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Hi Badger,

Yes there is an HTTP input plugin on receiving Logstash. It's not like every single event is generating 502 error but only some events generate this error. It's an intermittent issue. Is it something to do with HTTP Plugin?



The error you showed is in the sending logstash instance, right? Is there an error message in the logs of the receiving logstash instance that corresponds to these 502 errors?

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I didn't set the log level to debug in the other Logstash. I think that's the reason I am not seeing any additional information. If I set the Log level to debug, it's hard to correlate error logs from two different Logstash logs since there are lot of events generated.

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