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We use logstash 5.6.5
Following the example here: https://qbox.io/blog/indexing-emails-to-elasticsearch-logstash-imap , I got this error:
[2018-10-10T13:54:43,586][ERROR][logstash.pipeline ] A plugin had an unrecoverable error. Will restart this plugin.
Plugin: <LogStash::Inputs::IMAP host=>"exchimap.vaudoise.ch", password=>, user=>"selbadraoui@vaudoise.ch", port=>993, check_interval=>10, secure=>false, verify_cert=>false, id=>"5ee0cbeb777405522a0ee00bf106ec9bb4eceeaf-2", enable_metric=>true, codec=><LogStash::Codecs::Plain id=>"plain_9d63c8a9-a6b8-4116-8d6d-527114bbaa03", enable_metric=>true, charset=>"UTF-8">, folder=>"INBOX", fetch_count=>50, lowercase_headers=>true, delete=>false, expunge=>false, strip_attachments=>false, content_type=>"text/plain">
Error: undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass

Any idea what might be the problem here? Thanks.

(Makara) #2

Does ES is running ?

(Souf El Badraoui) #3

Hi Makara,
yes Elasticsearch is running and status is green.

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