Logstash-input-jms [CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE]


I'm using the plugin logstash input jms.
I modified the jruby-jms-1.2.0-java library ( I modified acknowledgment mode )

options: any of the JMS::Session constants:

#     Note: :options are ignored if transacted: true
#        With this acknowledgment mode, the session automatically acknowledges
#        a client's receipt of a message either when the session has successfully
#        returned from a call to receive or when the message listener the session has
#        called to process the message successfully returns.
#        With this acknowledgment mode, the client acknowledges a consumed
#        message by calling the message's acknowledge method.
#        This acknowledgment mode instructs the session to lazily acknowledge
#        the delivery of messages.
#        This value is returned from the method getAcknowledgeMode if the
#        session is transacted.
#     Default: JMS::Session::AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE

I use an output elasticsearch.
I want to retrieve the response of the output elasticsearch in my code input jms to call message's acknowledge method.

Is there a global variable that allows me to do that?
Or a way to communicate input and output?

Thank you in advance


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