Logstash installation batch files v8.11.3 do not work

JRUBY_BIN: In v8.11.3 SETUP.BAT looks for it in a directory that does not exist in the Windows distribution, causing the "first stash" in the docs. to always fail. Anyone else run across this?

In SETUP.BAT line 65 is:
set JRUBY_BIN="%LS_HOME%\vendor\jruby\bin\jruby"
but the directory tree on disk is:
with no jruby in bin

Fixed. Poblem was the length of a path under windows. It caused truncation. Solution: Install near the root with short directory names.

Thanks for the reply @andrew3!

You should use NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager for the service registration on Windows.

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