Logstash JDBC input metadata is overriding

Hey Everybody
I am new to ELK

I was running logstash 6.8.3 on my machine, I wanted to upgrade to 6.8.21, so I created a new machine and installed logstash 6.8.21, then I pushed my pipeline's and metadata files so that logstash can resume the records were it left from the old machine, I expected this to work, looks it's not working, its basically overriding the the metadata file which i updated in new machine. so for example one of the metadata file has value as 7856, when I copied this metadata , to new machine I want logstash to start pushing the records from 7856 , not from 0th.

Can anyone please help on this, why is it overriding? , do we need to copy the whole data folder as well from the old machine to the new machine? why my new machine with 6.8.21 is overriding the updated metadata file?

Any help will be appreciated

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